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Abgeschlossene Projekte

CHANGES - Changing Hydro-meteorological Risks as Analyzed by a New Generation of European Scientists.
(2011-2014 / EU - Marie Curie Intial Traning Network)

SEERisk - Joint Disaster Management risk assessment and preparedness in the Danube Macro-Region
(2012-2014, SSE)

MoNOE - Methodenentwicklung für die Gefährdungsmodellierung von Massenbewegungen in Niederösterreich (in Arbeit)

ChangingRISKS - Changing pattern of landslide risks as response to global changes in mountain areas
(2011-2013 / EU - ERA-NET)

MOVE  - Methods for the Improvement of Vulnerability Assessment in Europe
(2008-2010 / EU)

Mountain Risks - From predicition to management and governance
(2006-2010 / EU)

ILEWS - Integrated Landslide Early Warning Systems 
(2007-2010 / BMBF gefördertes Verbundprojekt)

InterRISK - Integrative Landslide Risk Analysis and Perception in theSwabian Alb, Germany
(2001-2006 / DFG)

CASITA II - Capacity Building in Asia using Information Technology Applications (CASITA)

Spatial landslide susceptibility in the Navua catchment, Fiji

Landslide hazard and risk assessment in northwest Iceland

Landslide monitoring and modelling in E-Belgium

MABIS - Mass movements in South and West Germany

DOMODIS - Documentation of Mountain Hazards


ENGAGE - Geomorphologische Systeme und Risikoforschung

Institut für Geographie und Regionalforschung

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